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Want to help the World?

2009-03-10 12:55:04 by C-Hawk

Really? As in not just say you care about the situation in Darfour when you can't even point out where it is on a map? Yes, i am judging your first-world ass.
Go to these websites. They explain themselves.

"Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope."

Give Water
What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

FreePoverty. Play darts with the World.
You get asked to pinpoint a city on the planet, and depending on your accuracy, anywhere between 0 and 10 cups of water are donated.

HelpThirst. Remember?
Designed to improve short-term memory by showing you a sequence of numbers and asking you to repeat them. Great if you think you have ADD. One cup per correct answer. It also helps improve your short-term memory.

Feed People
Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2000 of something.
- Mitch Hedberg

Hoongle. Google with a cause. <- No longer active.
It's just like regular Google, only it sends part of it's advertising revenue to the World Food Programme, enough to buy 20 grains of rice per search. Set it as your home page, or install the plugin to IE7 or Firefox.
I didn't find this one, Tancrisism did.

Free Rice. Feed people while you learn something.
Ansquer questions to feed people in need, one click = 10 grains of rice. Improve your knowledge of the following subjects in the process:
# Art;
# Chemistry;
# Geography;
# Languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian);
# Math.

There are people so hungry that God only appears to them in the form of bread.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Free Flour. Get enough flour to make buns or even loaves.
This one seems a bit newer than Free Rice and doesn't allow for choosing specific subjects. However, it's a lot more difficult than Free Rice, and a lot more ad intensive.
Thank you to seridon for posting this one.

Scientific Research: Cure Diseases, Discover Cold Fusion, etc
We don't devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.
- Bill Watterson

BOINC (teehee i said "boinc")
Berkeley's Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. The general idea is that you'd rather fight a single great white than two hundred pirañas; the same applies to supercomputers. A single supercomputer is weaker than a network of hundreds or thousands of personal computers, for a variety of reasons. Your computer spends most of its time doing nothing, even if you think you give it a pretty hard work-out. BOINC uses your computer's "free time" to help scientific research in areas like:
# Math
# Physics
# Astronomy
# Chemistry
# Biology
# Medicine
# Computer Science
# Cryptology
(Example: There's one project dedicated to decoding an ENIGMA transmission from 1942 that was never cracked.)

The magic of BOINC is that you can choose from any sub-project listed, or join a "unified" project (these are most successful, as when research in a sub-project ends, the project managers move on to the next sub-project)

(I did have an entry for Stanford's folding@home here, but BOINC trumps f@h in that f@h only does protein folding research for Stanford where BOINC is used worldwide for everything that can use distributed computing.)


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2009-03-10 20:40:16

Usually, I spend around 30 minutes on FreeRice each day, although I try to get more time in if I can.

(Updated ) C-Hawk responds:

That's because you're made of 50% awesome. Now install that BOINC to become über-awesome. >:C


2009-03-11 16:36:33

Meh, I'll settle for the 50%, because I use library computers, seeing as how I don't have on of my own.

C-Hawk responds:

Then you are pardoned.


2009-03-12 17:10:59

lol portuguese

(Updated ) C-Hawk responds:

LOL Canadian. Also, personal "attacks" are lulzy, as are capitalization and punctuation.


2009-03-26 21:36:08

I was looking for this song ever since you linked me to it on Stickam - thanks for posting it!

C-Hawk responds:

You might like this one as well, although it's quite a bit more depressing: k7RkNit_g


2009-03-29 11:52:27

That's great and all, but rice doesn't exactly contain all the nutrients you need.
Of course, it's much better than nothing; I only knew about freerice, thanks for the heads-up.

C-Hawk responds:

That is an excellent point.
The reasons why rice is the grain of choice for charity are many. For example, the countries that produce most rice are normally in economic difficulties themselves, and given the correct climate, it's a very easy high-yield crop.
The normal countries of destination for the charity rice are places where the most common crops are peanuts, maize and wheat.
Maybe in the future the project will expand further, which is quite probable. I remember when FreeRice only had the vocabulary part, Folding@Home didn't have support for GPUs or multiple CPUs, and i didn't even know about Hoongle until Tancrisism mentioned it in a thread. Who knows? FreeRice might evolve to a point where you could choose what to give to who and from where and it would change to "FreeGrain".


2009-04-10 02:44:09

Great news post.

C-Hawk responds:

Thank you, sir.


2009-04-20 04:03:39

Thats what she said?????

C-Hawk responds:

Many women have supported these causes, yes. Perhaps YOU *points crooked finger* good sir, could kill some time on instead of achievement whoring so much.


2009-04-21 10:23:47

Just added Hoongle as my default searchbar addon, thanks for the tip.

C-Hawk responds:

Thank ->you<-! You could drop Tancrisism a line about it as well, he's the one that introduced me to Hoongle.


2009-04-22 02:44:43

Just to say that there is another website that is basically the same idea of the free rice but with bread. Anyway here's the link

C-Hawk responds:

Excellent, thank you very much. I'll add it to my post.


2009-04-22 10:25:21

You're a good person <3

C-Hawk responds:

Lies and slandurrrrr! Thanks anyway <3


2009-04-27 01:32:02

Very nice word spreading. I think i'll put a link to this newspost in my sig. here I come ;)

C-Hawk responds:

I appreciate that, thank you.


2009-05-08 18:54:34

I don't really care about helping the world. Free rice is a cool site though.

If you're gonna fold use the gpu2 client (assuming your gpu isn't absolute shite)

C-Hawk responds:

It is shit, i'm on a laptop that's been through a lot of shit and my desktop's been dead for over a year. I intend to fix that when i come across some more money though.


2009-05-10 01:10:39

I have Hoogle bookmarked.

C-Hawk responds:

Great. I just get the feeling of being a slight hipocrite when i search for porn using Hoongle =3


2009-05-18 23:36:04

Hoongle died on me. :(

C-Hawk responds:

Yes, it would seem that way. They've posted a note now:
- "The site has grown beyond our means as college students. As a result, we have decided to go offline until we resolve these issues."
But do note:
- "During this time any searches performed using hoongle will all be redirected to standard Google search."
Which means there's no need to un-bookmark it. Just hope they come back online soon.


2009-05-31 04:51:43

you are now a female too? sigh

C-Hawk responds:

Yes. I hope to get enough surgery done that you won't be gay for sexing me.


2009-06-03 01:36:31


C-Hawk responds:

Ohi cast <3


2009-11-14 17:22:35

I want you.

C-Hawk responds:

Stay away from me, assburger boy. >:C


2010-03-07 15:10:10

I gain nothing from feeling depressed or sorry for the masses whose fate will be swerved but not stopped by all the efforts of a million pitiful philanthropists.

C-Hawk responds:

Yeah, i went through the whole dark metal phase as well. Then i turned 9 years old and decided i had shit to do.


2010-08-24 14:02:31

Not enough animal/wildlife charity

C-Hawk responds:

Good point, FINDING ME SOME as soon as i have the time.


2011-02-09 20:58:15


C-Hawk responds:



2011-03-12 10:52:33

It's great that you're trying to change the world. I'm flying to Africa with my brother as a volunteer next Summer. We won't save the world, but we can sure as hell make a few people's life easier.

C-Hawk responds:

Be sure to post about it, it should be more interesting than 99% of the general forum.


2011-04-20 09:55:27

Helpthirst is down.
I already have BOINC installed (Dutch Power Cows for the win!), have spend alot of time on freerice and just did freepoverty.

C-Hawk responds:

Huh, yes, helpthirst -is- down... Hope they fix it soon.
Freepoverty has made me hate Australia. You get to Super-Hard and it's all "OO EE OO AH-AH CHANG CHANG WALLAWALLA BANGBANG, AUSTRALIA?" and you're all " D: ".


2011-05-15 14:57:19

We can only hope!